Thermal Transfer

Mirror Image Media, Inc. offers 4-Color Thermal Transfer Printing as an excellent alternative to silk-screening.  This thermal transfer technique produces professional looking photo quality images on your CD, DVD or Blu-ray discs.   This print is both permanent and durable with an attractive glossy finish.  Thermal transfer printing can be used on both a silver glossy disc surface as well as a white background.  Discs can be printed all the way to the hub if you desire.

Thermal Transfer Printing has many benefits that silk-screening cannot offer:

Fast Turn-Times

  • Silk-Screening methods involve costly and time consuming setups.  With thermal transfer printing there is no need for films or screens so the setup time is minimal.  You order can begin printing within minutes of receiving your artwork.

Superior Print Quality

  • Thermal Transfer Printing offers photo-realistic printing and small text is much easier to read than a silk-screened product.

Minimal Setup Fees

  • No Screen or Film Charges

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