Ink-Jet Printing

Mirror Image Media, Inc. offers 4-Color Ink-jet printing as an attractive and inexpensive option for your “Short Run” media needs. 4-Color Ink-jet printing technique produces professional looking photo quality images on your CD, DVD or Blu-ray discs. Your discs can have either a clear hub or be printed all the way to the hub if you desire. Direct-to-Disc Ink-Jet Printing has many benefits that silk-screening cannot offer:

Fast Turn-Times

  • Silk-Screening methods involve costly and time consuming setups. With 4-Color Ink-jet printing there is no need for films or screens so the setup time is minimal. You order can begin printing within minutes of receiving your artwork.

Superior Print Quality

  • 4-Color Ink-jet printing offers photo-realistic printing and small text is much easier to read than a silk-screened product.

Minimal Setup Fees

  • No Screen or Film Charges

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