The process of DVD arrangement and creation. It involves the use of source elements (video, pictures, text) to create menus, tracks and connections between these elements.
A feature of a DVD will play the video first, instead of the menu.
To write/record information onto a disc.
All of the audio, data, videos, pictures, software, or multimedia files to be burned on to a disc.
Copy Protection
Information placed on certain store bought CDs and DVDs that make them unable to be copied.
Copyright Violation
Using another person’s work such as text, images, video, or music, logos or artwork without their explicit permission.
Creation of artwork or multimedia by design experts.
The process of burning content onto a disc(s) with a CD or DVD recorder, such as in a home computer, duplicator tower, or stand–alone recorder. Duplicated discs cannot be made “protected.”
Importing a raw video capture into a computer and adding things like titles, effects, music, and arranging the clips on a timeline to create a finished video.
Anything done to obscure the source or content of data, including making it unreadable or indecipherable under certain circumstances. Encrypted files can only be read by someone who is able to decrypt it, often using a software program.
Express Service
An upgraded service completed in 24 to 48 hours.
The function of CD and DVD recorders that makes discs playable, telling the disc that no more information can be added or written to it.
The process of making a disc complete for resale, including direct distribution to customers and clients. May include addressing, direct mailings and scheduled delivery.
Glass Master
A special glass disc that is etched with a powerful laser; can be used to make hundreds or thousands of replicated discs in specialized disc replication machines.
Master Disc
The original copy of whatever it is you want to duplicate in its exact form and functionality.
Professional adjustments done to recorded audio tracks before they are assembled into an audio CD.
A navigational element that provides buttons for the purpose of connecting to other elements in your project, such as tracks, slideshows and other menus. It can have a still or full motion background and include audio.
Making illegal and unauthorized copies of material you do not own, against the law regardless of whether or not you profit from the act.
Quick Turn Service
A service completed in the standard timeframe of three to five days.
An estimate of the cost to complete a project.
Replication (Pressed disc)
Discs that are formed in a mold from polycarbonate pellets using a glass master disc to imprint the content of the disc. Replicated CDs and DVDs can be protected against unauthorized copying.
An element in a project that individually display photos and can contain up to 99 still images with accompanying audio and transitions.
A small or miniature computer graphic that can contain a static picture or a motion video.
Turn Time
The length of time required to complete a duplication or replication job, often expressed in business days.

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