DVD Replication Services

About DVD Replication
While DVD Duplication generally refers to producing discs in small quantities, large-scale production of discs is called DVD replication. DVD replication services utilize the latest in precision molders to ensure that every disc is an exact replicate of your original, with no margin for error. This service is perfect for our clients requiring a low cost solution for mass production, and can afford a longer lead-time. Every replication project includes up to six-color surface printing. Choose from silkscreen or offset surface printing. Offset printing is a more expensive alternative, but is used if your disc artwork demands the best reproduction possible choose color offset surface printing for the most challenging artwork designs. Your graphics are reproduced with razor sharp detail at incredibly high, 175 lpi, resolution. Most artwork design can utilize the silkscreen process.

DVD media is used to store up to 80 minutes 4.7 GB of data . DVD Replication is an ideal solution for clients distributing such projects as corporate annual reports, software solutions, internal correspondence and newsletters, product catalogs, and keynote guest speakers or conference recaps.

Replication provides a low cost solution for large media orders.

Our staff will partner with your organization to provide you with a final product aligned exactly with your specifications

About Recordable Compact Disc Technology
By definition, CD-R is an acronym Compact Disc-Recordable. This term is used to describe the technology of recordable CD as well as the equipment; software; media and technology, which is used to make recordable discs. The reduction of prices for this hardware and software and their ease of use have helped the growth of CD-ROM production in-house and by disc duplicating services.

CD-R [Disc] is a type of media used in recordable CD systems, that allows you to record digital information using a special recorder (CD Recorder) together with premastering software with a computer or even a stand-alone recording system that includes these elements in one unit.

CD-Recordable technology allows production of CD-ROMs on the desktop (’one-offs’). It usually requires a PC, (there are also stand-alone systems) a CD-R recorder or drive, appropriate software, and ‘recordable’ media. The ‘one-off’ disc is very different from the mass reproduced or ‘hot-pressed’ CDs. It is sold pre-grooved in 63, 74, 80, 90 and 100-minute capacities of 120mm diameter, as well as in different shapes, with a sensitive chemical recording layer; of aluminum or gold reflective material. Once recorded the CD-R disc (one-off) performs in the same way as the mass-reproduced CDs.

These discs are made of a polycarbonate substrate, a layer of organic dye, a metalized reflective layer and a protective lacquer coating. Some discs also have an additional protective coating over the metalized layer; and some discs have a printable surface silk-screened on them.

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