What is a stamped CD and what is a CD-R?
A stamped or traditional CD is produced at a CD manufacturing facility where the information is literally stamped onto the CD as it is being produced. A CD-R is a CD that has already been through the manufacturing process. A special coating is applied to the CD that allows information to be “burned” onto the CD later. Our CD duplication services can utilize either methods depending on the size of the order.

Is the quality level of a CD-R lower than a stamped CD?
No. Both a CD and a CD-R have the ability to store the same information without any loss of quality or data.

When should I use a CD-R instead of a stamped CD?
CD-Rs are the ideal solution for CD duplication services small runs or for any size run that needs a quick turnaround.

When should I use a stamped CD instead of a CD-R?
If you have at least 10 days before the CD replication project is needed and if you need at least 1000 pieces.

What is the turnaround time for CDs and CD-Rs?
Stamped CD duplication orders require about 10 – 12 business days to complete. CD-R duplication orders usually take 1 – 3 days to complete.

Why is the turnaround time for an order faster using CD-Rs?
With our CD duplication services, CD-Rs are duplicated on our in-house equipment that support many CD writer drives. Our equipment is capable of duplicating hundreds of CD-Rs per day.

Are DVD replication services available from MIM, Inc?
We can provide DVD replication services from the factory on orders of 1000 pieces or more. DVDs are similar to CDs in many ways. DVD-Rs are duplicated on our in-house equipment and are available in any quantity.

Why should I use your service when I already have a CD writer drive in my PC?
If you only need a few CD-R copies a PC writer will work. If you need more CD-R copies our equipment is specially designed to produce copies quickly, accurately and with a professional look.

Can MIM, Inc make audio CD-Rs copies?
Yes. The equipment we use for our CD replication services makes excellent CD-R audio copies. We make CD-R audio copies for several local recording studios.

Does it cost more to duplicate a full CD than a partially full CD?
No. Some CD & DVD duplication companies charge more if the CD-R is over 1/2 full. Our CD duplication services pricing is based on the size of the order not on the amount of information stored on the CD.

What are the minimum order requirements for CDs and CD-Rs?
Stamped CDs have a minimum order of 1000 pieces. There is no minimum order for CD-R duplication services.

What type of master do I need to make copies from?
A CD or CD-R is preferred. We can also use information from tape (analog or DAT), zip discs, etc.

Are business card size CD-Rs available?
Yes. Although the CD-R equipment manufacturers have been slow in adapting to business card size CD-Rs they are in-stock and available.

How are CDs and CD-Rs printed?
CDs are screen-printed. CD-Rs are printed using a special ink-jet printer or a thermal ribbon printer.

What type of artwork do I need for printing on a CD or CD-R?
Screen-printing requires application specific artwork and film output. CD-R printing needs only a generic graphic file.

What type of packaging is available for CDs and CD-Rs?
Packaging options are almost unlimited. The most popular packaging is a plastic jewel case or a window sleeve.

Can MIM, Inc produce a complete CD package with a jewel case?
Yes, and in any quantity. Along with our CD-R duplication equipment, we have the in-house capability to print full color jewel case inserts and tray liners plus shrink-wrap the entire package.

What are some of the “hidden costs” that I should be aware of when dealing with other CD & DVD duplication companies?
A CD & DVD duplication company may tack on film charges, shipping charges, setup charges, charges for quick turnaround times, charges for replicating more than 350mb of information, and charges for additional printed colors. These hidden costs can add another $.10 – $.25 to the cost of each CD. We make our customers aware of these charges before they place their order or we include them in our price quote.

How do you calculate turnaround time?
Some companies calculate turnaround time designating the day the master is received as Day 0 with processing starting the next day or Day 1. Other companies will claim a 2-day turnaround but require that the artwork and film for the CD arrive 7 days in advance of the order. At MIM, Inc most CD-R orders are completed in 24 hours from the time we receive your master without a 7 day lead-time for the artwork.

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