Data Storage and Today’s Office; A Lesson in Environmental Stewardship

By E.C. Goggio, President of Mirror Image Media

We have come a long way in the methods in which we store data.  There have been many milestones along Man’s quest for the retention of information.

The Gutenberg Press in 1454 was a monumental change in this area. The printing press was an important step towards the democratization of knowledge.  No longer was information (the printed word) solely the possession of the Elite .

One can skip through the inventions of the modern printing press, typewriters, stacks of carbon paper, mimeographs, photocopiers and the like.

Along the Electronic Highway came a series of quantum leaps in storage from punch cards, to internal memory, to floppy disks, to diskettes, to Zip Drives, CD’s, and DVD’s and beyond.

Today, however, the CD is still the Industry Standard in the transportable, high volume duplication method of data storage.

Yet we take the enormous capability …

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